Greetings, everyone! I greatly appreciate the time and interest and I hope you can enjoy the material herein, which is the product of over two decades of study, research, and practice in the wonderful and infinite universe of musical composition.

Other than my own work as a composer of symphonic, popular, and Brazilian music, I compose and arrange by request to any instrumental formation, from soli, duos, trios, and chamber groups to big-bands, string orchestras, wind orchestras, percussion ensembles, and symphony orchestras. For personal purposes, commercial work (soundtracks, jingles...), artistic (ballets and dance companies, cinema, theater...) and academic (original works for projects, recitals, thesis...) projects, almost no limitation of style or genre.

You can get to know a little bit of my work in the music player just below, and more in the Music section. If you prefer, the Player at the bottom of the screen will keep running randomly while you browse the site.

Thank you all!


Bruno Marques

Composer, arranger, orchestrator, instrumentalist, author.